If you love beer, you will find a surprising number of options for original offerings from a growing number of small breweries. Rocky Point is fortunate to have Colin’s Cantina, in the Princesa Resort. They offer the largest selection of artisanal brands in northwest Mexico!
In Mexico the craft beer tradition is growing very fast. Just 10 years ago this industry was almost unknown. Two big companies, Grupo Modelo and Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, have traditionally dominated the market, but the story is changing. In 2009 only 2 in 100,000 were craft beer. By 2011 were 8. Nowadays the craft beers industry makes up 1% of all Mexican beers sold in the country.
The two major styles of craft beer production are Ales from England, and lager from the German – Czech tradition. Basically simple elaboration processes allow craft beer fans to create new styles from their own garage. Many micro breweries have taken up the creative challenge.
In Mexico we can talk about Craft beer regions mainly in 3 different areas: Mexico City and surroundings, Guadalajara in Jalisco and in our closer reference: Baja which cities as Ensenada, Mexicali and Tijuana which are the most important sources of the handcraft beers for the state..
In Mexico’s Northwest, because of the closeness with the US border, it is easy to get craft beer supplies. This has helped the growth of a boom in artisanal beer production in this region. You can find more than 15 breweries here. This has lead to beer tastings, festivals, and more. Beer tourism is a small but growing niche in this area.
Travel through Mexico. And chances are you can find interesting brews in  many places.