Vacationers voted with their wallets in 2017, and moved Mexico into the #6 position for most popular destination.
As recently as 2013, Mexico was at #15 on the list of most visited. 
The most recent numbers were announced at the 2018 Tianguis Turistico in Mazatlan, Mexico. This yearly get together looks at Mexican tourism at the international level. Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto, as wells other important officials attended the event this year.
All of this highlights the important role that tourism plays in the Mexican economy, in international travel, and also it’s effect on airline travel.
More popular than ever
Mexico has seen a 62% growth rate over the last 5 years. With more than 39 million visitors in 2017, the country experienced a 12% increase in tourism over 2016 alone!
At this year’s Tianguis Turistico, industry representative and government tourist officials attributed the growth to investment in existing destinations, as well as new areas for tourism.
Just this week, airline travel in the US was reportedly significantly higher in general than for the same period last year. Consistently lower airfares, fuel prices, and more available routes likely contributed to the increase in flights. 
It is possible that the increased accessibility and lower fares sent more travelers to Mexico’s Spring Break hot spots, like Cancun. Rocky Point seemed to have less visitors in March than in previous years. It may be that good airfares sent vacationers to other fly in Mexican destinations. 
Of the 38 million visitors to Mexico for 2016, the most popular destination was the Riviera Maya. This includes Cancun, and Playa Del Carmen, identified as the single most popular city as a vacation destination.
It is predicted that revenue from the travel industry will surpass remittances from over seas in the next few years.