The ride commemorates an April journey made by some Mexicali cowboys  looking for support to build a coastal highway. During that trip the group faced  setbacks along the road crossing the desert. At the half way point, they asked for help, and a rescue crew came from Peñasco to assist the Baja Californians.
The original 10 riders decided to make it a yearly event. Currently the trip is made by more than 150 horse riders, and around 700 people as backup and companions with an important group of cowgirls. During the event all activities are for every family member including kids.
The 2017 program of the Baja Californian team began with the ride to Estación José Luis Sotelo while the Peñasco group begins journey during Saturday morning to meet the Baja Californian team at Sotelo´s. From there, they are returned to Peñasco to Rancho Los Pinos. Once there, there was a party with games and a dance.
Each activity during the journey is focused to rescue Mexican traditions such as “Pajarete” (Coffee with tequila mixed with freshly milked milk). A tradition from the south of Mexico – a strong drink to start the journey.
This activity doesn´t have a cost, every stage is totally free of charge. The organizers are aware of each event stage, take care of safety, and they look forward to the event growing. During this event they had 12 communities involved, and each one  selected a girl as ambassador. From these beautiful young ladies one was selected as the event Queen at the end of the activities.
The event is becoming International. Each year more people from California and Arizona participate, with even some foreigners renting horses to participate.
The final ride is winds past the resorts on Sandy Beach, then there is a party on the Malecon. The  event has Pony rides for kids, a dance and a huge show with the local talent.