Today saw the grand opening of the new Cinepolis multiplex Cinema in Rocky Point.

A project of MG Development, the theater is part of a new commercial space located more or less across the street from Sam’s Club.

5 screens will offer a mix of US and Mexican films.  Most of the films from the US are in English with Spanish subtitles (listed as DOB), or Spanish with English subtitles (listed SUB).

All of the popcorn, soft drinks , and candy that you really go to the movies for are there. And get this – tickets are 28.00 pesos. So like a dollar fifty! There are always special combos offered (check online at

MG Development, along with opening Cinepolis, has broken ground on the Encantame Towers project to the East of town on Playa Encanto.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by, among others, Miguel Guevara of MG Development, along with Mayor Ernesto Munro and First Lady Linda Pivac de Munro.

Anyway, got to go. I have my ticket for El Rey Leon – The Lion King!