Public school kids in Rocky Point, from elementary on up, will receive clean drinking water, courtesy of the hard work of the local Rotary Club. Ribbon cutting this week for a project that took 3 years to complete.

The ceremony this week brought together the Local Rotary Club, it’s sister club from Red Rock Utah, the local water utility (OOMAPAS), as well as Mayor Ernesto ‘Kiko” Munro.

Located on Luis Encinas, the facility was donated by the City in a 20 year lease arrangemant. The local fire department provided a retrofitted fire truck to make the deliveries. All in all, the water will benefit upwards of 25,000 students every year. An on going education program will present the importance of clean water to the community.

Speaking for the local Rotary Club were Enrique Rodriquez, Eduardo Vallejo, Shandra Keesecker, and Oscar Palacio. The Rocky Point Rotary Club has been notable for accomplishing big things with it’s small but dedicated members. They have also done a lot of out reach to neighboring clubs in the US.

The Club, with president Oscar Palacio taking over from Shandra Keeshecker along with a new board of directors for this year, moves ahead into a new project being implemented internationally through the Rotary Club. The focus is on testing for and eliminating Hepatitis.