Arizona and the Mexican State of Sonora are natural partners.
Located across the border from one another, the two have been working to establish the area as a ‘mega-region’. Economic development that is good for both has been discussed.
Rocky Point’s Mayor Ernesto ‘Kiko’ Munro has been big on promoting the Rocky Point as an important part of this scenario.
Every year, the Arizona Sonora Commission brings together both sides to work on important issues that they share. This years meeting will take place in Puerto Peñasco on November 30th, and December 1st.
The news was announced at a recent meeting by the representative of Sonoras Governor Claudia Pavlovich. Dra. Martha Martinez Briseño commented how Arizonas Governor Doug Ducey referred to Rocky Point as “Our place”.
This news comes on the heels of the Mayors meeting with Kim Sabow, President of the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association. “Promotion of this destination in neighboring Arizona is important in continuing to consolidate the Mega-Region, along with our economy” stated Mayor Munro.
Together they covered ways that Rocky Point can promote it’s tourism potential to Arizonans.
Mayor Munro has made it a priority to personally reach out to the U.S. side to improve ties both economic and personal.
Rocky Points Home Port Project, is in the works and intends to serve as the jumping off point for cruise ships into the Sea of Cortez. Earlier this year, the Mayor confirmed that needed provisioning for cruise line companies would be allowed from across the border. The start of his administration saw a tour of California Municipalities to raise awareness of Rocky Point. Accompanying the Mayor were local area business leaders Gustavo Brown, and Steve Schwab.
The Arizona Sonora Commission has been in place for a number of years, and is seen as the perfect venue for helping the regions economic development move forward.
By Richard Scott