OK, here’s one. Picture yourself at the top of a steep hill, the road below heading to the sea. You adjust your goggles as you sit in box with wheels that you made yourself, just waiting for a push to send you to your….glory?
Well, if that sounds fun (admit it, it does!), then you are going to love the First Annual Rocky Point Soap Box Derby. Your 400 peso entry fee goes to support Casa Hogar, the cities home foe senior citizens.
Yes, it’s an event that takes you back to the days before all those pesky safety rules took the fun out of everything! Seriously, the hill in Rocky Point’s Mirador neighborhood is not that extreme, and the rules state that you can even add brakes to your homemade car if you want (cough ‘chicken’ cough).
Prizes are given for first and second place, as well as most creative soap box car. The driver must be adult, and each car can have up to five riders per team.
The pilot must be an adult, and you have to wear a helmet (spoil sports!)
Sound like a good time to you? Register by calling 638 384 6166
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