More vacationers than ever / The numbers.
by Richard Scott
Puerto Peñasco, as well as all major tourist destinations in Mexico, are seeing some of their busiest months ever.
Average occupancy exceeded 59% during the first quarter of 2016, according to the Secretariat of Tourism. Mexico’s seventy largest tourist destinations were surveyed. At the high end, destinations like Nuevo Vallarta, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen saw occupancy rates that surpassed 80%. This year’s numbers beat the previous record, set just last fall!
Who’s coming?
Rocky Point had an incredibly busy March. The three major Arizona universities, as well as schools in New Mexico and California, blanketed our beaches with students during Spring Break. Close on its heels was Mexico’s Easter Week, or Semana Santa. It is estimated that during Semana Santa alone, Rocky Point experienced close to 80,000 visitors, most of them from Mexico.
Tourists from the U.S. see a real advantage created by the exchange rate. The dollar has maintained its value relative to the Mexican Peso, which translates into buying power.
Future growth expected
Projections show the trend continuing. Spring Break, once the domain exclusively of college students, is changing character as more and more families join in the fun. The International recognition given to the Pinacate wilderness by being named a World Biosphere Reserve has generated new interest from travellers from around the globe.
Current Rocky Point Mayor Ernesto ‘Kiko’ Munro has been very active in promoting tourism. Through events and festivals, as well as working to improve the tourist experience, the mayor has made good on his promise to support this important part of the local economy.
Mexico at a national level too has committed to helping Rocky Point expand its impact as a destination resort. The Home Port Project is entering its next phase of funding, as well as construction. When completed, the project will serve as the Port of departure for various cruise ships. This is expected to boost tourist visits even further.