Stop by Colin’s Cantina, the bistro with the lovely patio at the Princesa Resort. Five new cervezas are reaching the perfect temperature in our fridge.

Any beer lover should know, Mexico is in the middle of a boom in craft beers. Tons of lovingly hand made examples of the fine art of brewing are coming from every corner of the country. Colin’s jumped on the bandwagon early, and can now boast the largest selection in all of Northern Mexico!

Standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Cabotella from Baja Brewery, and Vaquita Marina from Wendlandt in Ensenada, comes a burst of new tastes from Cerveceria de Colima, and Agua Mala.

-Cerveceria de Colima

WIth a total of 20 workers including the boss, Cerveceria de Colima works out of an old lemonade factory beneath the local semi-active volcano. The beers..

A German Lager, a nod to the German inspiration to the brewing industry in Mexico. Hoppy, light, easy to drink.

A little darker on the scale, with a higher alcohol content, this is a typical Pale Ale,with the flavor of citrus and hops.

WIth notes of chocolate and coffee, this dark beer has a surprisingly light body.

-Agua Mala

People care about food and drink in Ensenada. Located between the Pacific Ocean, and Mexico’s wine region, Valle de Guadalupe, this town is home to some standout micro brews. Agua Mala is the name for the beautiful but nasty Jellyfish that swim there from time to time. All of the uniquely flavored offerings from Agua Mala refer to the nearby sea in some way

Hop bitterness balanced with malty sweetness.

A Belgian style white beer.

Marea Roja

The name means ‘Red Tide’. An Amber beer, fruity zyban for depression.

(I know that’s actually 6 beers, but 5 sounded cooler for the holiday!)

Get to Colin’s Cantina and be the first to try these exotic new brews.