Peñasco’s Port Captain has issued a warning for ‘Aguamalas’, or Jelly Fish. A couple of times per year, the waters around town are visited by these sea creatures.
Rocky Point’s Tourist Auxiliary Police are out letting folks know to be careful on the beach. The problem only lasts about a week or so, and on the beach you need to watch you step.
If it is a day when there a re a lot of Jelly Fish in the water, you don’t want to go swimming.
The bright side of things is that Aguamalas create a business opportunity! A local processing plant springs up, and off go the Jelly Fish to Asia, where they are appreciated as part of the cuisine. Get ‘em out of town, I say!
They are to be taken seriously, as it really does hurt if you touch one. Pain ranges from a light burning sensation to muscle cramps. Usually this goes away in a couple of hours if treated.
OK, so you ran into one. Now what?
-If some of the Jelly Fish is still on your skin (they are kind of sticky), get it off without using your hand. Because then your hand will start to sting too. A sea shell, a credit card, even a hand full of sand.
-Splash some vinegar where the Jelly Fish touched you, it will neutralize the venom. Don’t have any vinegar in your beach bag? Common wisdom says that you can use…urine. I do no know for sure if this works, but it is alkaline like vinegar, so maybe. You let me know, OK?
-Your skin will be sensitive, so get out of the sun.
-Apply a bag of ice
-Muscle cramps happen if you have a lot of contact with an Aguamala. Calcium can help. Ask your friends to buy you ice cream!