Casago has always been a big believer in the value of communication between ourselves and property owners. And we look for ways to leverage new technology to give us an edge in everything that we do. The latest update of our application for owners works to make managing your home or condo a more seemless process.

The app is available in a desktop version that offers the most functionality. The version for Android or Iphone (compatible with the latest version of IOS) is super convenient to use on site.

Next generation management of work orders, inventory control, your calendar, cleaning schedule, and more

It really lets you take charge of common tasks, as it works hand in hand with the new Housekeeping/Maintenance app. Now everyone can more easily be on the same page. It is great for connecting owners with housekeeping, maintenance staff, and select vendors.

Casago Founder and CEO Steve Schwab explains how the app is meant to be used. “Property owners, Casago managers, maintenance staff, select vendors and housekeeping can take a picture of new, damaged or replaced items, upload directly into the app, add a receipt or place a value on the item. The photo with supporting information becomes a permanent part of the inventory record. The photo is time and

date stamped with the identification of the person performing the inventory update.”

Casago has a track record of creating proprietary tech tools that allow our owners to keep their properties one step ahead of the competition.

Give it a try. Download our latest app by scaning the QR code on this page. “We are excited to be leading the way in implementing new, convenient, user-friendly and owner-centric information technologies” says Steve Schwab.

Available for IPhone and Android phones.