Miguel Torruco Marques, Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism, announced a new direction for promoting the country as a tourist destination.

Under Mexico’s President Manuel Lopez Obrador, there has been a drive to save the tax payer money. Emphasis on the well known online site Visitmexico.com will be about involving business partners to generate content more specific to the locations involved.

The site is the second most visited of it’s kind next to Australia’s. The goal of the new direction for the site is to place Mexico in the top 10 tourist countries by 2020.

From the Press Release

Mexico Secretary of Tourism Miguel Torruco Marques announced a new digital strategy for tourism promotion in Mexico through the VisitMexico platform.

According to PasilloTuristico.com, the Mexican government is working with businesspeople and various national and international partners to consolidate the use of data and help the nation reach the Top 10 in foreign exchange received from tourism by 2020.

The digital strategy through the VisitMexico platform will incorporate digitalization and modernization of the tourism industry; the specialized service for small-to-medium enterprises and travel agencies; and to establish promotions based on data and the attraction of more tourists by providing them with ample information.

The new digital strategy will also depend heavily on measurement tools to disseminate messages to identify the return on investment. The collected data can then be used to personalize experiences, which should help Mexico continue to climb as a vacation destination.

Overall, the VisitMexico platform will help promote the 32 states depending on the needs that are identified, with training and certification also supplied through an inclusive program. Payments and reservations will also be able to be made through the system.