Puerto Peñasco Mayor Ernesto ‘Kiko’ Munro told RockyPoint.com that the Lukeville/Sonoyta border crossing will get a long awaited upgrade.
Mayor Munro states that since the start of his administration, he has worked to get the support of Governor Claudia Pavlovich. Together they appealed this project to the attention of national officials on both sides of the border.
“Before December we are going to see part of that job being concluded. We are going to increase our lanes of transit from Mexico into the U.S. in at least 2 more lanes. That’s going to end the funnel that’s created every weekend, and every holiday when you guys are trying to get back to the U.S.”
RockyPoint.com spoke with Mayor Munro at a news conference announcing plans for a celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the city.