Puerto Peñasco mayor Ernesto Kiko Munro, together with the local Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV), Chamber of Commerce (CANACO), as well as hotel and restaurant representatives, signed a collaborative agreement this week aimed at encouraging businesses to provide at least a 5% discount over Spring Break and Semana Santa.

The agreement, which is part of Peñasco’s economic revival plan following the onset of Covid-19, encourages those in the local tourist industry and businesses in general to provide at least a 5% discount during the popular vacation period to residents and visitors who are able to provide a negative Covid test (within maximum 3 days), and/or reliable proof of having received covid vaccination.

The mayor noted, “These types of approaches are meant to encourage economic development, and that people continue to look toward Peñasco as having innovative strategies to advance health, inviting visitors to show they have had a negative covid test, or already received their vaccination.  We strive to provide incentives through discounts, or some type of stimulus.”

The mayor stressed the global tendency for tourism is to go to places that are comfortable, with measures in place accrediting them as safe destinations all-around, and particularly in the area of health.