Like the previous visit of the cruise ship Astoria to Rocky Point, the recent arrival of Cuauhtémoc was a uniquely historic event for the town. The ship is visiting ports of call throughout Mexico to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Mexican Navy.

The ship is tasked with training the up and coming sailors in the real basics of piloting a ship at sea. Every voyage is a session to learn the art of moving a big ship around the globe. Skills are at their most paired down on a traditional sailing ship, but translate to current modern sailing technique.

The ship was made available for tours from the people of the city. Guests were shuttled out and allowed to see into the everyday life on board. Cuauhtémoc has been in service since the 1980’s, and typically acts as an ambassador for Mexico in far flung ports, participating in International Regattas. In response to Covid-19, this past year saw the ship cruise exclusively to ports in Mexico.

The overwhelmingly positive response, just as was seen in Rocky Point, has convinced the Navy that future voyages will include more visits to it’s home country.

Casago was able to help welcome the crew by offering them a stay at Sonoran Sun Resort, a Casago property. Sailors also had a fine breakfast at Colin’s Cantina in the Princesa Resort.