At Casago, we look for ways to set you property apart from other rental options on the market. Getting across the essence of what makes your home or condo exceptional. One way is with vistual walk through technology.

A virtual walk through is steps above a typical 3D image that you commonly see in vacation or real estate images. With a virtual walk through, you are planted right in the home, and can select which way you wish to move. You can ‘walk’ through the whole space, even get up close with every little detail in the property.

Casago has been upgrading all of our rental listings to include a virtual walk thorough. With so many properties, it has taken a while to get our catalogue on line.  With committment and afew years time, most of the listings you see on contain a link to the tour as an option, along with more traditional property photographs.

The technology that we use is call Matterport. To create the tour, our experienced photographer sets up the special, oversized camera on a tripod in the unit. He then takes one 360 degree shot before advancing a few feet further. The camera rotates, then he move to the next point. Multiple images like this are stitches together to create a seamless experience that you can control as you move through the image.

Research has shown in the real estate and rental markets that Matterport tours can imcrease web engagement 15%, and conversions by 14%. It is a difference that translates into more rentals for you, the property owner.

Go to our website and look for a property that offers a virtual tour to see this tech in action. Matterport is considered the cutting edge for virtual walk throughs. Casago puts the latest technology into promoting your property.