This original and creative condominium resides at the Sonoran Sun Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico. Being at one of the most popular and inviting locations in this coastal town sets this property apart to begin with. The owners, however, have taken things to the next level with their choice of decor and design.

Known as Steampunk, this style combines elements of industrial along with whimsical details like pressure guages and iron pipes for lighting structures. This unit takes the standard floor plan of the Sonoran Sun and modifies the Master Bedroom as well. The glass shower stall is oriented to face into the bedroom here.

A long kitchen counter and high end appliances make a beautiful use of the main room. Dark tones, in brick and wood flow from room to room, all in the same style. Being at the ocean, the condo has nautical elements too. The centerpiece of the unit is a beautiful painting of a diver about to meet a mysterious fate at the ‘hands’ of a giant octopus. The work is by international artist Memuco, a Rocky Point native.