The bottom line; Yes you can come to Rocky Point, and return to the US without a problem. Thousands of visitors have come since this past Summer. Read on for more details.


We start the year 2021 with Covid a continuing day to day concern. Throughout last year, most of normal life adapted in one way or another to keeping people as protected as possible. 

The City of Penasco, as well as we here at Casago, put in place safeguards intended to keep citizens and visitors protected, and to minimize any spread of Covid.

Casago implemented protocols at all of the properties that we manage and rent that followed the most stringent professional techniques. The CIty itself  placed almost complete restriction on access to Rocky Point for a time. As conditions changed, visitors were allowed to return to their beloved town.

Where are we now? It can be confusing  to know for sure what is allowed or not. Information from different sources often seems conflicting. 

While we know that visitors, and property owners from the US continue to travel to Rocky Point, the US Counsulate has regularly announced that travel to Mexico is restricted to “essential activities”. Mexican citizens are impacted more completely, as even those with trael visas are not allowed to cross at Lukeville, or anywhere else.

So, can you come to Rocky Point?

The answer is yes! Rocky Point has been unique in that travel to and from the United States has been OK’ed. It is a recognition that this travel is ‘essential’ to the economy of the town. This has been the case since August of 2020. As a practical matter, we have seen above average visitor flows to town, especially for the August, September timeframe. US citizens are not required to provide proof of vaccination at this point. 

Locally, you will find businesses taking temperatures. Face masks being worn. Limited seating, along with a 10pm shut down a at restaurants. 

But . . . you can come to Rocky Point (and get back into the US without a problem). Going forward, “essential travel” rules are in pace until the end of February. As of January 26th airline passengers only will need ot present a negastive Covid test when the arrive into the US. That’s ony if you are flying.

Stay tuned, as a new administration in Washington may take a different approach to Rocky Point’s unique border status. Time will tell.

Here is a link to the US Embassy post about essential travel. Once again, this does not specifically address Rocky Point’s crossing rules.