Puerto Peñasco seems to have a number of guardian angels looking out for those in need. 

Someone with a long record of helping is Kathleen Duncan. Like many who came to Rocky Point, the town became something special to her and her family. Going a step further, she saw a need she could help fill with the education of local children.

Steps of Love is the organization that grew from that insight. It began as a homework club, a way for kids who wanted to earn the advantages of an education, but had trouble overcoming many hardship, including financial.

With Covid 19, school attendance was curtailed and the more basic issue of food security came to forward. Steps of Love, the US based non-profit and it’s local partner AIM, turned their attention to providing needed food to local families.

With Rocky Point becoming a bit more open coming into 2021, Steps of Love/AIM have revived their original mission of providing educational support. 

A new way to help

AIM has branched out once again.

Here are photos from yesterday’s grand opening of the CATI Center. Once again identifying a real need in the community, el Centro de Atención y Terapia Infantil brings essential Physical Therapy to kids and their families that otherwise might not have access.

FYI here is the Steps of Love Mission Statement.

Steps of Love’s mission is to help youth in Mexico break the cycle of poverty by facilitating access to quality educational opportunities.

Unlike in the United States, public school in Mexico is not free. Beginning in high school students have to pay for registration, tuition and fees, books, uniforms and transportation. Students in younger grades must pay for all school supplies, transportation and special activities.

In addition to these direct educational expenses, families face a variety of other barriers preventing their children from attending school and succeeding academically. Barriers can include a lack of academic support in the home, as well as the inability to meet basic needs such as food, shelter and access to medical care.