You never know exactly when the migrating Whales will make their annual return to Rocky Point. And it has only been a few years since they starting having such a strong presence right around Rocky Point.

This year, finally, the wait is over! Yesterday a baby Grey Whale was spotted spouting off near Sandy Beach by a sunset cruise ship.

Del Mar Charters, Ecofun Rentals, and others offer tours, especially on weekends during January, February, and March. This year for the first time,  CEDO, the internationally known Marine research center, will be offering tours. First hand access to experts who truly care for the whales.

Whales enter our waters from late December to mid January. They will stick around until the middle of March. Exact dates are impossible to pin down. But if you want to have a unique, once in a lifetime experience, now is the time to be in Rocky Point.

photo by Del Mar Charters