You’ve heard of herding cats? How about rubber duckies? In the ocean no less!

It’s time for the Great Rubber Ducky Race. On Sunday, June 12th, hundreds of little floating ducks, usually at home in the confines of your bathtub, will get dumped into the cruel sea. But don’t feel too bad, it’s for a good cause.
One of the more ingenious charity fund raisers in a town with more than its fair share of such events, the the Rubber Ducky Race will generate funds to support Adopt a Classroom of Puerto Peñasco. But how exactly to duckies race?
Shipped out a few meters off of Rocky Point’s Sandy Beach, bins full of the plastic birds (NOT an endangered species!) are cast into the waves. There, the tide takes over, moving the largely disinterested ducks towards a random date with destiny. In other words, some lucky duck is gonna’ be the first one to hit the beach, and become this year’s winner.
What’s at stake? Plop down 5 bucks for a duck, or 10 smackers for 3 quackers, and along with helping a worthy charity, you are entered to win prizes. If your numbered duck is drawn, you could win a stay at on of the Sonoran Resorts, or a round of golf, massages, and more.
So get your ducks in a row and support this fun charity event. Contact the event organizers to purchase ducks at, or call 602 324 9529, or in Mexico 638 383 4963.
Ducky race