I heard a familiar ‘rumble’ on the beach as I drank morning coffee number 3. 
For more than 2 years, the city of Puerto Peñasco has been running a tractor with an attachment that sifts out garbage and seaweed, leaving soft, clean sand behind. Along with the early AM walkers who take it upon themselves to pick up litter, it is never too long before the beach is nice and clean.
But why is he stopped in front of my place? Cup in hand, toes in sand, I walk down to see what’s up. 
Jose, the tractor driver, has put his machine in park and is picking up a pile of used Bud Light cans (Bud Light being the most popular beer in Rocky Point). I guess his machine can’t handle that many at once!
Jose gives me a ‘what’s up with THAT??’ kind of shrug.
‘Ay, perdon’ I say. I explain that there are some vacationers renting nearby, and it looks like they didn’t clean up after last nights fiesta.
‘No te preocupes’ (‘don’t worry’) he tells me. His assistant is on hand for just this kind of thing. Just then, the renters show up too, looking well embarrassed AND hung over (word of advise – it’s a bad look!). In short order, everything is clean again.
Jose waves adios and puts his tractor in drive, ready to polish off the rest of the beach. The renters shuffle back up the beach to make some coffee. 
Concerned residents along with the City government have worked to earn a coveted Blue Flag clean beach certification. This puts it on par with some of the finest destinations in all of Mexico. 
These days, even after a busy weekend of tourism, you can count on the beaches being back in good shape within a couple of days. Salute to Jose, and everyone else who makes it happen.