Bigger than last time; like they said the last time!

From the first impromptu show in JJ’s Cantina many moons ago, Roger Clyne, the Peacemakers, and Circus Mexicus have continued to evolve. The most recent iteration of the popular music event shows that it is expanding to Super Nova status. More bands, more venues, more of everything. Humble beginning have given way to a major musical event.
With the tsunami of Circus Mexicus about to hit, here are some things new that you might not be aware of. For the sedate residents of Puerto Peñasco (I’m sure there must be a few!) you might have to try a little harder than ever to find a quiet place to hide till next week. Resistance is futile however, so join the celebration!
circus mexicus

What’s new with the music this year

Looks like it a big chunk of the Phoenix music scene got scooped up and plopped down in Rocky Point this week! There will be an impressive 22 musical acts at this year’s Circus. Notable details include RCMP playing two completely different sets for their main stage performances on Friday and Saturday night.
That theme is taken up as the Refreshments follow the same format for both of their weekend performances. The 20th anniversary of the initial release from the group, ‘Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big and Buzzy’, has seen a busy tour centered on the material form that album. Roger and the reconstituted Refreshments should have these tunes honed to a razors edge for Circus Mexicus XXV.
Following the mainstage blowouts on Friday and Saturday nights, hard partiers can traipse across the street for late night shows in Banditos, beginning at 12:30 (and ending….?)
The impressive Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts make a first appearance. Notable favorites from Circuses past include the Pistoleros, the Black Moods, and Elvis Before Noon.
roger on the stage

New places to hear the bands

This year, along with regular venues like JJ’s, Banditos, and of course the Mexican Moonshine Main Stage, look for mid day music on the patio at Capone’s on Friday afternoon.
Sunday morning comes sooner and harder than you ever expect at Circus Mexicus. You will certainly have been admonished to ‘pace yourself’ by the powers that be many times by this point in the weekend. Those with the huevos, can get themselves some huevos at the 9am Sunday morning Xochitl’s Breakfast Jam on the rooftop of this notable Cholla Bay Restaurant.

Circus Mexicus XXV support for local Charities

Helping out with those in need on the Rocky Point community is not a new thing for Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. In the past, Circus Mexicus has seen proceeds directed to worthy causes here.
The Saturday morning Rock and Beach Soccer Tournament bring together players young and old, good and bad, fresh or hung over to the sand in front of the Sonoran Sea Resort. Maybe you will come out of it with something to brag about, but everyone involved will have helped support local charities.
Fans bring donated things to the Esperanza Children’s home on Saturday morning. New this year, raffled tickets will be sold to support local charities, with winners and fun prizes to be announced from the Mainstage on Friday evening.

So, are you coming?

At this point, you either have your tickets, or you maybe have a wild hair to blow everything off and come down last minute. Do it! Circus Mexicus XXV looks to be one for the ages. Lots of new bands, and venues, Refreshments back in the mix, etc. There is also a real sense that you will be a witness and participant as this institution moves to the next level.
Check SeaSide Mexico >> << to find last minute availability for reservations.