Salsa dancer? Want to be? Rocky Point is having it’s first ever Salsa Festival, coming up August 27.
The Malecon will be the scene as Rocky Point goes for the gold, trying to break the world record number of salseros dancing at one time. Something like 500. How in the world could that many dancers show up in our little town?
Easy. Come early for one of two free to the public classes before the music starts, and you too could be a salsa dancer!
Really, learn the basics, set a world record, dance the night away, maybe a couple of tacos out on the Calle afterwards at two in the morning . . . come Monday, your friends back home will realize just how cool you really are! Besides, its like 500 people. Just get in the middle, and I’m sure you can get away with doing Country Swing moves, or whatever else you know.
Headlining acts for the Rocky Point Salsa Festival are East Coaster Luisito Rosario, and Phoenix’s own Carlos Rivas. This appearance is a follow up for Carlos, who played in this years International Jazz Day Celebration.
So mark your calendar for this free event. A big part of the population will certainly be there to enjoy the show, and there will no doubt be food carts, arts and crafts for sale, and other fun stuff.