September 22nd will be the date for the first ever Sea and Sand Beach clean up, also known as Limpieza Mar y Tierra.
Anyone can pitch in to help clean up the town’s playas. The clean up is being organized by the Local Rotary Cub, along with Rocky Pint Divers. The divers will be in charge of the ‘Sea’ portion of the clean up. They will dive at the Home Port ‘Pier’ site, and collect trash among the under water rocks.
Not a dive? Your help will be appreciated on Sandy Beach. The Playas Limpias Committee is a local group that spearheaded the process to get local beaches spiffy enough to earn a national Clean Beach Certificate.  Your help will make a big difference. 
On September 22nd, things get underway at 8am at the Home Port, next to Wrecked at the Reef. The Rocky Point Divers state that…’This will be a 3 part clean up process made up of scuba divers, snorkelers/kayakers, and beach walkers. Let us know where you can play a role! ‘
To get in touch with event organizers, go to the related Facebook page at