Pro Skate Park Slated To Open July 2016

This 4th of July weekend is tentatively scheduled as the inauguration of Rocky Point’s soon-to-be-completed skate park, and a film crew from Levi Strauss will be onsite to shoot a promotional video as well.
Skate constrlogo
Construction of the project has been a labor of love for Jeff Araiza, a master concrete worker who has been involved in building over 100 of the best skate parks throughout the U.S. And Canada.
The quality of the design means Puerto Peñasco’s new skate park could become a mecca for boarders from around northern Mexico. “It will be as good as anything in he States,” said Araiza.
“This park will be be the best in Mexico, that’s for sure.”
Five years of planning came together this year on a piece of land donated by the city through Mayor Ernesto ‘Kiko’ Munro. Araiza is the head of Uncle Skate, a charity whose mission is to ‘donate skateboards to kids all over the world.’
Uncle Skate and jeans manufacturer Levi Strauss provided support to make the park a reality.
“I’m happy to be part of something this amazing,” said Araiza.
Araiza has been assisted by Jay McLane, who has been overseeing the details of the project.

“These guys back here are local boarders who really tear it up,”
said McLane, pointing to four young men working on the project in the late morning sun. “They can’t wait for this.”
Skate cnstr 2logo
During the July 4th, 2016 weekend, there will be activities celebrating the park’s opening. Even if you are not a boarder, this makes for a great spectator sport.