by Richard Scott for RockyPoint published

Spring Break is a time for relaxing (and a lot of other things too!) College students, families, and just plain fun seekers will pack Puerto Peñasco to the gills for most of this month. Then, just as the last Sophomore swipes twenty dollars of gas onto Mom and Dad’s credit card, grabs one last fish taco, and floors it for the border, here comes Semana Santa (Easter Week) and a different flavor of craziness.

Relaxing? Really? Hey, with beautiful sunsets, great food, friends and family around, how could it not be? And the most soothing part of it all has got to be the beach. Well, relax even more knowing that the city of Peñasco will have lifeguards keeping an eye out for you during the month of March!

Yes, that’s a new thing. With as many as forty five thousand Spring Breakers expected this year (really!), Rocky Point’s Mayor Ernesto ‘Kiko’ Munro charged the Director of Civil Protection with training and coordinating a team to watch over vacationers while they play in the waves. Director Francisco Javier Carrillo Ruiz states that the lifeguards are ready, and will be stationed on Sandy Beach, in Cholla Bay, by Playa Bonita, and at the public beach Mi Playa near Las Conchas.

Members of the Fire Department and Red Cross, as well as the new Auxiliary Tourist Police, will be based where they can get to any problem in a hurry. The bilingual Auxiliaries are easy to spot in their white shirts. Expect to see them out on foot, riding bikes, or getting around on motos. They are meant to increase safety levels for everyone enjoying Spring Break in Rocky Point.

Safety? There’s an app for that! The city has also developed ‘Puerto Peñasco Vive’, a mobile application with maps, general information, as well as a built in button to press that functions as a one touch ‘911’ call. Announced by the Mayor at the swearing in of the Auxiliares Turisticos this past week, stay tuned for more info on how to get it on your phone.
The hope, of course, is that while Spring Break 2016 will be all about banana boat riding, late night dancing, tequila shots, and generally going off the deep end, it WON’T include anyone getting hurt along the way. Leave only footprints, take only sunburns.