This past Saturday, Sea Side reservations helped sponsor the second Mermaid’s Market Cajun Fest.
Mermaid’s is a regular monthly get together of arts and crafts people in Rocky Point. Looking for hand woven bags, homemade fudge, or beach inspired clothing? The Mermaid’s Market is the place to be.
The annual Cajun Fest turns things up a notch. The Satisfied Frog provides great New Orleans favorites like Jambalaya, their is a costume contest for pirates or mermaids, and live music.
Once again, the Bayou Brothers Band kicks it into high gear. Getting people to dance is the specialty of this long time Southern California group. Zydeco, Blues, Funk, whatever it takes.
The Cajun rub board, worn over the chest, is a big part of the music’s sound. Fans were invited to try their hand at it, and many could be seen as they danced through the crowd.
Followed by a concert at Banditos, the Mermaid’s Market Cajun Fest was a big hit. Be sure to catch it next year.