This year saw bikers from California, Nevada, and even Canada make the trek to Puerto Penasco’s Rocky Point Rally. Now in it’s 15th year, the event grows because of the positive word of mouth it consistently generates. Many bikers who have been to other famous rallys, said by comparison that the Rocky Point Rally had lots of great things to do. They also reported that the organizers really looked after the bikers. This year also saw a noticable rise in the number of bike clubs from Mexico attending. More than a dozen were counted from as far away as Ciudad Juarez.
Seaside own concierge, Lidia Sandoval, was kept busy making helping guests have a great stay at one of Seaside’s resorts. One little touch of fun was the photo frame set up at the Sonoran Sun Resort. Pix for the folks back home included bikers and their rides, as well as one guy proposing marriage!
Seaside sponsors the Rocky Point Rally every year. This time, the Mystery Condo Poker Run helped to raise funds for the Mexico Childrens Foundation. This charity helps kids in the cities where Seaside has offices to get the health care that they need.