As of the 21st of the month, the current rules for crossing the US-Mexico-Canada borders will remain the same. This is an extension of protocols that will see their 1 year anniversary on March 21st. All of this is in response to Covid-19.

What does that mean for getting to and from Rocky Point?

You can still come and go with no problems. Rocky Point has been an exception to the rules since late Summer, 2020. Perhaps in response to the city being extremely restrictive through that time period, significant numbers of visitors from the US have been allowed to come to Rocky Point as case numbers decline locally.

Lizeth Ibarra, Director of Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau, recently issued a statement affirming that the city is prepared for most likely a reduced numbers of tourists coming into the traditional start of the season that includes Spring Break, as well as Easter Week (Semana Santa). Common protective measures that visitors will encounter around town include the use of face masks in public places, an over night curfew, temperature checks and limited seating in restaurants. 

Mexico has operated with a color coded system to assign Covid risk by state. On February 13th, Rocky Point joined the rest of Sonora State, dropping into the “Medium Risk “ category.

Statistics from Mexico and the US suggest a lessening of the effects of the virus. Mexico curently has close to 68,000 cases nationwide, a reduction of 32% since late January when the number was 110,000. A recent Op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal by a Johns Hopkins researcher suggests that Covid cases in the US may have decreased 77% over the past six weeks! 

These positive trends only underscore the value of the systems that Casago has in place to counter Covid. Along with the benefit to vistors for choosing Casago!

Crossing the border anywhere other than Lukeville is restricted to essential travel. This definition includes allowing those with medical, educational, or business needs to cross. This applies to land crossings. Those flying between the US and Mexico are exempt from these restrictions. However in January, the CDC required airline passengers entering the country to show a negative test result before flying.