The past year has brought a lot of changes to the vacation rental business. One theme that has emerged is that clients are ‘vacationing’ with the intention of getting work done at the same time.

And not just for the typical weekend getaway. Reflecting the fact that working from home is the new norm, that weekend getaway has morphed into more extended stays, as the need to be in the office come Monday morning lessens. 

More and more, renters are asking about work space access when choosing a vacation rental. What things will set your listing apart?

Make your property stand out

Remote office work means, at a minimum a desk and internet access. What can you add to make your property more disireable?

  • Internet connection – offer upgraded service if possible. If your home has a fiber optic connection and others don’t, it can be much more attractive.
  • Dedicated office. Consider turning an extra bedroom into a private office. 
  • Even if the work area is a desk by the kitchen, set it apart. Think of the things that contribute to a professional environment. For example . . .
  • Soft indirect lighting, desk lamp.
  • Outlets and charging stations.
  • A professional office chair.
  • A printer, file cabinet
  • A large monitor
  • Whiteboard
  • Plants, and an inviting decor
  • Multiple areas. It is likely that more than one person would use a work space at the same time. Families will have children potentially doing online school.
  • Make sure that all of your remote office upgrades are relected in your listing so renters can know about them. Tell your local manager about the upgrades so we can add photos to your listing.