Transportation in and around Rocky Point
Rocky Point is unique among Mexican vacation destinations. It’s international travel without going to the airport! Almost everyone traveling to Rocky Point drives there. Three and a half hours out of Phoenix or Tucson and you find yourself in the land of sun, sea, shrimp tacos, sombreros, and cerveza. Not necessarily in that order.
Driving – what’s it like, and what do I need to know to get there?
Judging by the sheer number of repeat visitors, getting away from it all in Rocky Point is easy. While the Desert Southwest is full of wide open country, all of the roads that lead here, weather from Arizona, California, or New Mexico, are modern two or four lane highways. Towns like Gila Bend or Ajo offer you a place to gas up or get a snack for the road. Just before the border you pass through Organ Pipes National Monument, an International Biosphere Reserve. A pristine example of the Sonoran Desert, this would be a great place to stop to appreciate the beauty of nature, if you weren’t in such a hurry to get to the sea, sun, shrimp tacos . . .
Border crossing at Lukeville Arizona
Again, normally very easy. Mexican Customs will either give you a green light to drive right on through, or a red one. Pull over for the red one. You will be asked a few questions about where are you going, what are you bringing in, etc. The person will be speaking English. Typically, you are not asked for identification for Puerto Penasco travel. When coming back into the U.S., our Border Patrol will want proof of citizenship. Your passport, or birth certificate covers all the bases.
You can’t bring guns into Mexico. You can’t bring more than $10,000 dollars. There are also restrictions on quantity and types of food that you can cross with (see the link below for more information).
..and Then, you’re off. Pass through the Mexican town of Sonoita, and you are down to one hour of travel on a very good Mexican two lane highway. There are road side emergency phones, wide shoulders, and don’t forget the Green Angels. Yes, Mexico has roving mechanics driving the highways looking to assist stranded drivers.
Flying to Rocky Point
While Rocky Point has an International Airport, there are currently no airlines offering regularly scheduled flights. Charter service for six to nine passengers is available out of Phoenix through Westwind Air Service.
Shuttle services, Bus lines
You can sit back and let someone else do the driving, if you prefer. Seaside Shuttle will take guests who are staying at a property managed by Seaside Reservations from Phoenix to their condo or home. Large, comfortable coaches with snacks, DVD players, comfy seats accommodate four or more passengers.
Head out to Rocky Point is another well known company that also offers shuttle service from Phoenix for those traveling to Rocky Point. The Penasco Recreation Company too can provide customized transportation for groups seeking Puerto Penasco travel options, as well as tours to various places in Northern Mexico.
Local Taxis
So, you are in town without a car? DO I have to walk everywhere? No, there are taxis all over Rocky Point. You will see a line of them parked outside of any resort, waiting to get a call from the front desk to take a guest where they need to go. At any of the places you want to go to as a tourist (restaurants, the Fish Market), a cab will not be hard to find.
For more information on crossing the border