Owning a vacation rental property is like any other business. You count on customers to make it profitable. The first step is to have people find out about it! Getting your property seen by as many potential vacationers as possible is the goal. Marketing your vacation rental property moves up to a new level when you are with Seaside Reservations. Here’s what we do.
SeasideMexico.com  The Website
Seaside’s online presence begins with it’s website. All of Seaside’s properties are here, broken down by city. Potential customers can search properties right from the home page. They can also dig in and browse, getting to all of the information about your property. This includes complete descriptions, photos, as well as ratings and guest comments.
The site also goes to great lengths to serve as a guide for the different vacation destinations where Seaside operates. Articles cover the things vacationers want to know. What’s the weather like? Where are the cool beaches? What’s a good restaurant?
Seaside articles rely on Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, to get seen. Common search terms tie in to the articles, increasing their presence. Someone surfing Google and planning a vacation can find themselves browsing photos of your unit! Seaside Reservations uses this strategy on various websites where our articles are published, including Facebook.
Running ads on the web is a great way to stay on the mind of someone after they visit your site. A Seaside ad may appear on pages of those who have previously visited SeasideMexico.com
Getting the word out about your property
Tourist visits to Mexico continue to grow. In 2014, U.S. tourism to the country increased a whopping 24% over the previous year, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Still, Mexicans vacation in their own country more than anyone else, while visits from all over the globe continue to grow. Marketing a vacation rental works best when you get in front of every possible customer.
Seaside does more than put your property on our SeasideMexico.com. We connect with the other big name reservations companies to get you seen by their visitors as well. Names like VRBO, Orbitz, Expedia and AirBnB to name a few.
Seeing the growth of international visitors, Seaside also links up with Amadeus, Arbritel.fr, and more. As many of these companies introduce their own mobile apps (as Seaside has also done), your property becomes part of the huge mobile market as well. Traditional travel agents are kept in the loop as well, with Seaside properties appearing on the Sabre system.
Spreading the word, growing the network
As hard as it is to believe, things still happen without the internet.. Seaside runs ads in local newspapers, like the Rocky Point Times. This month is typical; a full page ad right on page one! Letting people know we are there helps us stand out as a leader in the market. Sponsoring events also helps to boost Seaside Mexico’s visibility. This translates into more vacationers thinking of us for their next booking.
Having more people acting as potential sales agents for your property is part of the thinking behind Seaside’s Affiliate Program. Anyone, even owners themselves, can become affiliates. Affiliates are able to make reservations directly to any of our properties. Seaside pays affiliates a 10% commision for these bookings. There are currently 140 referral agents ready and motivated to point clients in your direction.
Seaside Reservations has been shown to increase bookings for our clients when they join us. Being out front in technology, training, marketing, and customer satisfaction is all about offering the best service that we can to our customers, the owners.