Now at the tail end of a whole bunch of road improvement projects, driving the streets of Rocky Point is getting better. For the most part.
The streets into and throughout the Malecon and Old Port neighborhood, they are all fixed up.
Traffic is flowing both ways past Sam’s Club and Bodega Aurrera on Blvd. Benito Juarez.
Calle 13 and the streets east of it are all nice new concrete.
Right where the main road into town from the U.S. Intersects with Blvd. Josefa (by the Auto Zone) . . Who knows, maybe they were trying to make a road block? Follow the advise below to avoid this area.
Just as I am finishing this list, Benito Juarez is being torn up between Shrimp Park and the Railroad crossing. Yikes! The detour looks like it goes around Luis Encinas, the road in front of the Citi Cinemas movie theater.
Do be aware, where these spiffy new roads meet the older pavement you may find some rough transitions. And other roads around town are notorious for their pot holes. Just keep an eye out!
One project that seems to be coming along pretty fast is the intersection just before you get into town coming from the border. It was an interchange where highway traffic from Caborca, Puerto Peñasco, and the Coastal Highway met. For whatever reasons, the previous design had more than it’s share of accidents. Well, now a proper overpass is being built, so for about 18 seconds you will feel like you are back in Phoenix . . .
This intersection is a great place to skip out on city driving all together, if getting to your condo on Sandy Beach is your only priority in the world ( is it even neccesary to ask that question? )
And it’s a no-brainer to figure out. With the city just coming into view, suddenly you are creeping through construction on the dirt at the side of the road. When you get to the intersection proper, take a right. Now you are parallel to the beach you want to get to, and in a couple of miles you come to the only other intersction around, with a handy sign pointing out that left is now the way to go.
Minutes later your toes are in the sand, drink is in hand, all you need is….well nothing really at this point!