Many families, maybe even your familiy, has had to deal with a serious childhood illness. Having the support of others can make the medical, emotional, and economic burdens a little easier. Luckily, people really do want to help others in a tough situation. One organization that works to have a positive, supporting presence in Rocky Point is the Mexico Children´s Foundation.
Supported by donations and fund raising events, Mexico Children´s Foundation helps put kids with exceptional medical conditions in touch with the therapists and specialist they need. In many cases it´s something common like asthma, and local help can be found. For others, unusual or severe childhood illnesses require travelling to Phoenix, Hermosillo, or even Mexico City for needed treatment. Ruby is one example.
Seven year old Ruby needs treatment beyond what is available here to help address Congenital Toxoplasmosois, a condition that first showed symptoms when she was four. The input of a pediatric opthamologist and infectious disease specialist are needed to contain the infection and treat her loss of eye sight. Born a fighter, Ruby has already over come an earlier bout of heart disease.
A generous offer of assistence from a couple with ties to both Rocky Point and Phoenix (transportation and a place to stay during treatment) means Ruby can have her best chance for improving the status of her condition. Mexico Children’s Foundation is being asked to help with the costs of travel, and obtaining visas for the family.
Probably the most high profile activity that the Foundation does to raise awareness for the kids here is the annual walk that Seaside Reservations owner Steve Schwab makes.
A weekend in Puerto Penasco usually starts with the relatively short 3 hour drive from Phoenix. Steve covers the same ground over the course of a week plus, simply walking by the side of the same road. It´s a little over 200 miles, and when you multiply that by the 10 years Steve´s been doing it, it comes out to more than 2000 miles travelled. A golf tournament is also held every other year to help bring the Foundation to the attention of those who would be inspired to help.
Commited to transparency and making sure all of the resources donated to a child go to that child, non profit Mexico Children´s Foundation accepts donations and offers to volunteer through it´s website
Become part of a child´s life and help them fight for a healthy tomorrow.
Become the friend they didn´t know they had.