For years there was CETMAR Aquarium, over by the entrance to Las Conchas. The small facility had become the home of various creatures, including some Sea Turtles.
CETMAR Aquarium is no longer. The animals that called it home are now taken care of by the private Mar de Cortes Acuario.
Recently opened in the neighborhood near the Mirador, the Aquarium helped out when a disoriented dolphin was found in the shallow waters near here. The dolphin was brought in and checked.
The Sea Turtles of the Aquarium have been out of their natural environment for a long time. They would not be able to fend for themselves in the wild at this point. So the staff at the aquarium takes care of them.
Along with a couple of tanks with a variety of sea life found in the local waters, there is educational material about the turtles and their place in the environment.
It is pretty incredible to be able to see these animals up close. My mixed feelings at seeing them in tanks instead of the wild was eased by the obvious care and concern for the people that administer the aquarium.
Acuario Mar de Cortes runs on donations. You can place whatever you like in a little box on your way in.
To find the Aquarium; Head East on Freemont till you pass the Red Cross. The next cross street on your right is Durango. Turn, and go 4 blocks to the Aquarium.