By Richard Scott
Coffee is the best thing ever. That’s how I feel anyway. You?
When you travel to Rocky Point, you may not know your options when it comes to getting a good cup. Are there options? Sure! Rocky Point has more coffee spots now then ever before. You just have to know where to look.
When I first started coming to town years ago, things were different. I remember ordering a coffee with breakfast and being served a cup of hot water, a jar of Nescafe, and two packets of coffee creamer. Yikes! But tastes have changed. From cappuccinos to lattes and good espresso, all can be found.
Here is a run down on the coffee shops that we like.

Barista at CoffeePoint

CoffeePoint may be the most well known coffee shop in Peñasco. It is located on Benito Juarez (the Main Street into town) right before the Baseball Stadium. The modern building is green and black, with lots of glass. The friendly baristas know their stuff. Better yet, they value getting your drink out fast.
CoffeePoint is comfortable, with stuffed chairs and free WIFI. Every drink you would expect to find in a coffee shop, is there. Order Café Americano if you want a good full flavored coffee drink. It is espresso and hot water. All of the Frappes, Chai, whip cream topped drinks are there too.
There is also a pastry case full of brownies and cakes from Labelle, the in-house bakery.
Best Cold Coffee you ever had?
I recently happened to be in CoffeePoint and ran into Alberto Song. Alberto holds the title of Coffee Master. His coffee shop in Tijuana is a part of the trendy local food scene. He is known nationwide for the fine coffee that he roasts. Today, he is here consulting on customer service, and how to make perfect cold coffee.
On the counter in front of us is a contraption that looks like a science experiment. A wooden frame holds a series of glass containers.
“You put a block of ice in the top” Alberto explains. Drop by drop the freezing water plops onto fine ground coffee. “This is the style for brewing coffee in Japan. Like Tea, the purity of the taste is what they are going for.”

Alberto Song

Not something that you brew by the cup, one pot of cold brew takes eight hours! We try some straight. Clear and sweet, the coffee has the kind of complex flavor coffee fanatics seek. CoffeePoint has a second location on Blvd. Josefa.
Puerto Viejo Coffee Roasters
Puerto Viejo means ‘Old Port’. That’s the name for the oldest, original part of town. The streets that head inland from the Malecon make up the neighborhood. Puerto Viejo Coffee Roasters is here, sitting kitty corner to the cities first church.
Bags and jars of fresh coffee line the shelves. Puerto Viejo specializes in Mexican coffee, grown in the south. By a big corner window, a vat full of almost black beans is stirred by the roasting machine. For blocks around, you get that distinctive smell. You can always tell when Puerto Viejo has green beans to roast!
The patio is an ideal place to people watch. Every Tuesday, it becomes the place to watch films from around the world. The weekly Cinemartes event features non mainstream movies, usually with English subtitles.

Old Church from patio of Puerto Viejo

The Convenience Store in Sonoran Sea Resort
Right off the lobby, and open to everyone (not just guests of the resort). The store itself is small, but has a good selection of what vacationers want. Better yet, there is a big old espresso machine making good coffee drinks. Free WIFI of course. The best part is that right up a spiral stair case is a small loft with plush seats. Almost swanky! A very comfortable place to hang while you down your macchiato.
Some people prefer the stylish, though predictable look and feel of a Starbucks. But it seems if you look around a bit you can often find an ‘Anti-Starbucks’. Some place funky, comfortable, with zero pretensions. Some feel that to be a real coffee shop, you need that Hippie vibe. ECoffee delivers!
On Freemont Blvd. across from Banorte, ECoffee is eclectic and down home.  A back room offers privacy and comfy sofas. The bar stools in front are bike seats.

Sonoran Sea

Coffee Time 
The new kid in town, Coffee Time features a stylish decor along with good strong coffee. Located on Blvd. Benito Juarez before Sam’s Club.