CEDO is an organization that is all about the Sea in this part of the world. They are involved in education, research, and helping to develop sustainable fishing practices.
It’s a big job, and most of it gets done in a big old house in the Las Conchas neighborhood. The CEDO field station sits on a dune that slopes down to the nearby beach. Osprey Eagles make their nest nearby, and a complete whale skeleton graces the entrance.
As anyone knows who lives near the water, the environment can be rough on a place. In serious need of repair, the field station is shutting down during the next month to facilitate repairs. Plans are to re-open at the end of August. But that may not happen if CEDO does not raise $27,000.
You can help
If you would like to help secure the future of this iconic piece of Rocky Point, go to the CEDO website to make a DONATION.