A little piece of Rocky Point history is being revived and renewed at the top of Calle 13, in what was the original Playa Hermosa area. The beachfront here was the first resort area for the town. The land was built out from here at one point, as part of the process to improve the harbor. This left the bar and hotel high and dry. In recent years part of the hotel became the famous late night watering hole Barra Vieja (Old Bar), now sadly no more.
Where Calle 13 curves just across from the Hotel Penasco del Sol, renovation on the original bar that was known as Cocodrilos is going on. Sky blue walls anounce the coming of Jillz South Side Bar.
“I wanted to bring back some of the original Rocky Point, and treat it with respect” says Jill Mitchell, owner of Jillz. A long time resident of Penasco, she has had a popular and well liked bar before in the Mirador area. She now is known for the Consign and Design furniture shop.
The place will feature a game playing area (as in pool tables), a super long bar, kitchen, and a large palapa covered outside patio. Work is under way, and look for Jillz South Side Bar to open in time for Halloween. A Halloween fanatic, watch for Jill to stage an over the top costume night for the holiday opener.
Located on Calle 13 near Max’s Restaurant. The so-bright-it-glows exterior is easy to recognize, even at night!