Stand up paddle boarding is cool. It is not hard to get the hang of, and then it kind of feels like your’re out taking a walk. On the water! With some experience, you can play in the surf. But hey, this is a vacation, so take it easy.
Sitting out on the water as the sun sets is one of the greatest experiences you can have while in Rocky Point. Morning and just before sunset are the two best times to catch a glimpse of dolphins as they pass by in a pod. Curious and intelliegent, many times they will come close to check YOU out.
First timers or even experienced boarders can have everything they need delivered to your resort, if you are renting your condo through Seaside Reservations. If you have never done it, it is a painless way to check out a new sport.
Or how about kayaking. Sit-on-top kayaks are available as well. Whatever your preference, Seaside Reservations new rental program gives you, your family, and friends, a couple more ways to make memories on your Rocky Point vacation.