‘Roca’ means Rock. Every wall in the hotel is made of the volcanic stone that is found along the shore. Millions of years ago, it flowed as lava from the craters in what is now the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, located just a few miles north of town. The best building material around at the time, these rough black rocks where used to make the first permanent building in Puerto Penasco, the Hotel Posada de Roca, in 1927.
Up until that time, the sleepy fishing village of Rocky Point did not really need a hotel. But with the start of Prohibition in the United States, travelers in a new line of business began to be seen in town. Located at the top of the Sea of Cortez, and relatively close to the border, the town was the perfect place for shipping barrels of alcohol to waiting clients up north.
The new guests had a connection with none other than Chicagos’ famous gangster Al Capone. His guys needed a place to stay when not at work, and the few cozy rooms of Posada de Roca were just the ticket. On occasion, Al needed to get out of the limelight for one reason or another, so off to Goergia, Wisconsin, or Florida he and his entourage would go. Some prominent old-old-old timers used to say that Rocky Point got a visit or two from the man himself.
This original part of Rocky Points’ story is still standing, and still operating as a hotel. Not fancy, the few rooms are basic and comfortable, and the very nice family that runs it makes sure you are comfortable.
*Air conditioned rooms
*Free WIFI
*Free coffee
*Close walking distance to the Malecon
*Prices start at $30 dollars per night!
A stay at the Posada de Roca puts you in touch with a piece of Mexicos’ history. For example, the un-assuming little lobby, no bigger than most kitchens, was at one time a Casino, and just about the only entertainment for a hundred miles around. Just picture the place on a Saturday night many many years ago. Cigar smoke, shots of Tequila and big guys in suits sitting at the table, playing poker. The bell on the door jingles, and everyone goes quiet. In from the night air comes the big man himself. Make way, someone get another chair. Whatever you do, don’t stare at the scar on his face!
For reservations
from the U.S. 011-52 (638) 383-31-99
from Mexico 01 (638) 383-31-99