The Reef refers to a rocky area at the far end of Sandy beach, past the resorts. Here is where the pier for the Home Port project is being built, and interest builds as the work continues. That pier is right in the back yard of Wrecked at the Reef, maybe the premier place for weekend visitors staying at the resorts to unwind, throw some horseshoes, or stay up late and rock the night away.
Outside, ‘Wrecked’ takes advantage of its beach front property with a big sand covered patio, service bars, and a Tiki theme in its’ trade marked black and white theme. If you have been to Rocky Point at all, you have seen the Wrecked logo on T-shirts. They could be the second most popular thing here after the shrimp!
Inside, there is a long bar, tables and lounge style seating. Lots of big screen T.V.’s are there too so you don’t have to miss a game while on a Rocky Point vacation. The most prominent part of Wrecked is the stage and dance floor. Weekend nights are about live music, and the versitile group La Merca has kept dancers happy with an ever growing repertiore, from classic rock to Daft Punk, for as long as the bar has been around.
*Open Thursday though Monday from 11:00am
*offering a full menu with Mexican and seafood favorites
*live music Fridays and Saturdays starting at the Gringo friendly time of 9:30pm
*pool tables and ping pong
*outdoor firepit
*Happy Hour 3:00pm to 6:00pm, all day on Sundays