Some things you can just count on. Margaritas, excellent shrimp cooked a thousand different ways, sunsets backed up with a cold beer. Rocky Point at it’s best. A winning formula for sure, but is there something more? What if you are feeling more Bohemian than beach bum? For a completly different vibe, try El Tapeo Wine Bar.
Located next to the Laos Mar Hotel at Playa Bonita Resort, El Tapeo seems like someplace in Napa Valley, or the vinyards near Ensenada where a lot of the wine served here comes from. The attractive El Tapeo has a rustic feel. Wood planks on old barrels make up some of the tables. Phrases on the wall remind you to “wine a bit, you’ll feel better”. Full of personality, the place has become a favorite with local wine lovers.
The wine selection from Mexicos’ Valle Guadalupe vineyards is at the heart of El Tapeo. Wines from this region regularly rank along with California wines as some of the best around. Artisanal beer is here too, as well as Tapas. Tapas are appetizers in the style served in Spain. Small portions, but with intense flavors. There’s cheese of course, along with different types of olives, breads, pizza margherita, even pulpo (octopus).
Thursdays find rich Paela offered, full of shrimp and chorizo sausage. There is always music through the weekend, usually the acoustic duo called RoJo.
El Tapeo is open from 5pm to 2am Thursday through Sunday.