This past sunny Saturday afternoon we saw the first installment of the Tianguis Cultural at the top of the Malecon. Tianguis are open air markets that have taken place in Mexico since the time of the Aztecs. This one is about bringing together Puerto Peñasco’s artists to work out in the open and create an art scene.
Pushing to make this a reality is Guillermo Ḿemuco’ Munro. Memuco grew up in Puerto Peñasco, and has recently returned after working as a graphic artist for China Daily, headquartered in Bejing. He is known for his paintings that bring our attention and sympathies to the plight of endangered species. As part of the city’s Department of Art and Culture, he is creating panels of his work to be placed around the city.
During last September’s International Cervantino Festival, the concept of the Cultural Tianguis came to life. The week long event saw this same place on the Malecon full of people enjoying arts and crafts presented by local artists. This Saturday the concept grew.
Participating in the Tianguis are members of the Tohono O’odham. Having been a part of the Cervantino Festival, as well as sharing their culture during the first Dia de Muertos event in November, the Tohono O’odham hope to make more people aware of their presence in the community.
The Tianguis Cultural is just getting started, but will be a regular event in Rocky Point.