Getting good Mexican food in Rocky Point is easy, and everyone has a restaurant, cantina, or taco stand that is their favorite. What makes newly opened Bacanora Grills’ food uniquely tastey is their philosophy; that the very best cooking comes from the heart of the country. From small town Mexico.
Bacanora Grill takes it’s name from a city in ranch country, in the middle of the state of Sonora. And while items on the menu are what you would expect to find (carne asada, enchiladas, shrimp), authentic recipes and local ingredients are what make it all taste like grandmas’ home cooking, Mexican style.
Take for example, Gorditas. Flour tortillas are all around, but these are fat, fluffy, and really chewy. Dip one in the salsa. The salsa is spicy, but balanced by the inclusion of apple. Desert could not be simpler than strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Until they mix in the chili powder. And the Bacanora.
Named after it’s home town, Bacanora is a northern Mexico variety of alcohol made from agave. So it is a lot like Tequila, but has a smokey bite. A house specialty is using it in mixed drinks: Margaritas, even Mojitos (order one and you will see them clip fresh mint from the plant to make your drink).
Sitting beside the port, Bacanora Grill has a big covered outdoor patio. A nice place to watch boats returning to harbor at sunset. Open Thursday through Monday, 1pm to 9pm.