Veteran Rocky Point coffee drinkers know – if you want to get real coffee shop coffee (espresso, cappuccino, even the fancy iced drinks with whipped cream, Oreos, flavored syrups) then Coffee Point is the place. And has been for over seven years.
There are two Coffee Points, one on Josefa Blvd., and the original location on Benito Juarez. You will find little tables for two, and a cozy seating lounge straight out of the Ikea catalog. Like most coffee bars, take out is usually what you will want. Genuinely friendly baristas can make a double-espresso-mocha-café-Americano-withwhippedcreamplease faster than you can, well, say it!
Along with the good strong coffee, you’ll find pastries and brownies. Herbal teas are there too. Even a selection of bagels with cream cheese.
From 7am to 10pm, Coffee Point is there with what a lot of us need to get along.