“I’ve been coming here since I was her age” said the man standing under the awning of the camper-van. He nodded towards the little girl in pigtails, wearing the white polo shirt and plaid skirt of her school uniform. The 40 something gentleman commented “If you grew up in Rocky Point, you have eaten Burritos ETI.”
Parked on the side of the road by Secundaria (Middle School) ETI 37 since sometime in the 1970’s, Burritos ETI offers a menu as basic as can be. Although they now offer tortas (sandwiches), it’s really all about the burritos. You order a packet, and for about a dollar you get one filled with beans, and one filled with potato. They are not big, but they are meant to appeal to the tastes and the budgets of children. Grown-ups are usually seen buying bags of them.
And that’s almost the whole menu! Included on the side is a small plastic bag of Jalapenos in lime juice. Because of the lime, they are not very hot. What is hot is the little container of red salsa, basically pure chili. But once you start dunking your burrito in it, it’s hard to stop. One of the fastest acting addictions I’ve ever seen. Luckily, they antidote is on sale too.
“Horchata por favor” says the 40 something gentleman. “I always liked this more than the burritos” he says. Horchata is a white, cold, creamy drink made from the liquid that rice has been soaked in. Sugar is added, and cinnamon. One of the few things that can counteract the burnt tongue you get from too much salsa.
There are a couple of shaded tables, but most customers are on their way somewhere, weather it it’s to sixth grade classes, or their job as school principal. It’s real driving-around food.
If you run into a ‘Rocaportense’ (someone from Rocky Point) living somewhere else, one of the things that will bring on the nostalgia is the mention of Burritos ETI. Try them and you will be connected to a part of local history.
Coming into town on Blvd. Benito Juarez, turn right at the baseball stadium. To your left you will see the white Burritos ETI van. No phone. No website. No Facebook page. Open during the school day.