Shopping for groceries has changes a lot in Rocky Point over the years. Local Mom and Pop corner stores have been largely replaced by OXXO, the large convenience store chain. Super Ley, the big supermarket, has been joined by Bodega Aurerra and even Sam’s Club. 

But even with all of these choice, there are still some things that you just can’t find.

Need Udon noodles? Tahini? Blue Cheese?

Enter SC Supply. Located just off Blvd. Kino across from Numeros, the small specialty store stocks a lot of imported items that are just what you might need, but can’t find short of a trip to Phoenix or Mexicali.

A new walk on freezer presents fine cuts of meat, bagels, bread and more. There are spices , cheeses, oils, half and half. All kinds of little things that customers have asked for that are now a lot easier to get a hold of. Local restaurants count on them for special ingredients as well, and you can find a selection of pro kitchen needs here too.

Michelle and Carlos run the Rocky Point version of this family business that is head quartered in Nogales, with branches in a number of Mexican cities. Home service can be arranges also. 

CS Supply is open weekdays 8am – 5pm. Saturdays are 8am – 2pm, and they are closed on Sundays.