Las Conchas Beach in Puerto Peñasco was visited by a Sea Turtle ready to make her nest the other day. After the Security team from Las Conchas secured the nest, the eggs were removed for their safe keeping.
Itzel Cardenas is the Biologist who works with the Mayan Palace. Yes, they have their own on staff biologist. Itzel makes sure that the development is following good practices to protect the local environment. She is often the one who gets called to evaluate and protect Sea Turtle nests.
63 eggs were removed from the nest for safe keeping. The will be keep in climate control. Then the turtles hatch, they will be returned to the beach where they were born. From there, they will dash into the waves to begin their mysterious journey through the world’s oceans.
Also assisting was the Chief of Las Conchas Security Jose Juan Luna. Photos by Jose Juan Luna.
Another Seas turtle came ashore on Sandy Beach yesterday. That nest contained 4 eggs, which were also removed, as the nest was right in the path of the upcoming Rocky Point Triathlon!