Now in it’s fifth year, Rocky Points Eddie Awards Ceremony has grown from a small labor of love, to a celebration taking in the best of Rocky Point’s art and culture. If you don’t know, the Eddies are the inspiration of Eddie Wharez. Many know him from his store of fine furnishings, Global Artifacts on “Rodeo Drive.”  Eddie wanted local artists, a lot of them his friends, to receive public recognition for their work. Having a glitzy Oscars-like ceremony was also going to be part of the deal!
This year’s Eddie Awards were held in the Puerto Peñasco Expo Center. On entering, the public was greeted by an Oscar like red carpet, and a chance to have your photo snapped paparazzi style. More than two hundred attended, mixing guests from the pueblo, as well as residents of the nearby resorts.
Open to the public, guests enjoyed a night of live music, raffles, a silent auction and more.
In a first for the Eddies, hosting duties were shared by a bilingual team. Lillian Vega, stunning in an electric blue gown, presented in Spanish, with Richard Scott the MC presenting in English. Video presentations created for the event looked at the nature of being an artist, as well as sharing a little history about the Awards.
The award itself shares a resemblance to the slightly more well known Oscars. The Eddies, however, have a male and female side to the statue. This reflects the inclusiveness that Eddie Wharez personally wants to represent in this event. Handmade locally, the Eddie’ confirms to its winner the support that can be found in their own community.
Notable winners at this year’s event include Actress and Journalist Susy Mazon, Singer Songwriter Alan Munro, Craft artist Victor Aleman, popular vote winner Jordan Castro, and Arizona’s own Black Moods, recognised for their  educational performances for local school children.